Buying on LE VIE DEL MADE IN ITALY means you can choose from a wide range of local products and artisan quality made entirely in our country and in accordance with ancient traditions. So follow these five  steps to bring to your home these excellences "100% Made Italy".

FIRST STEP: JOIN OUR WEB SITE                                                                                                 

Visit our section of the shoponline and choose between: Typical Products, Handcrafts, BIO product selection, Gluten Free, Vegan Products, Social Product. In each one you will find a wide choice of products sorted by categories (wines, oil table, Sauces, Ceramics, etc..) and subcategories (Red Wines, White Wines, Gastronomic and Boxed Gift, etc.).

SECOND STEP: SELECT YOUR CATEGORY                                                                                     

Once you choose your category you have boxes with a product list available (each one has a picture and technical details, prices, quantity and so on). Click on the picture of the product you select and you will obtain all the information you might need. 

THIRD STEP : BUY                                                                                                                      

Select how much to buy and click "Add to Cart". In the cart you can further modify the amount of product to buy, continue shopping by clicking on "Back to Shop" or decide to proceed with the payment of the product by clicking on "Checkout".


If you proceed with the order, it is necessary that you make the registration. If you are at your first order please fill the required fields. On this way you can communicate the shipping address and other information. As soon as you already choose us for an other purchaise, will be enough to enter your e-mail address and your password. At your second order, you will have a sort of remind of your order.


In the last page you can choose how to pay ( Bank Transfer, Paypal or Cash on delivery), you will have a resume of your selected products, shipping address and the total amount. At this point click on Payment and you will receive your order directly at home.

PRICES & SHIPPING:                                                                                                                     

The price of each product includes VAT and all other taxes. Prices are those indicated in the portal at the time the order by the customer.                                                                                                        

The prices of each products are subject to change, therefore, those who from time to time are listed on the site, cancel and replace those previously entered.

PAYMENT METHODS - LE VIE DEL MADE IN ITALY:                                                                       
Customer may pay Products with Paypal, Bank Transfer or Cash on delivery
- Payment with PayPal                                                                                                                      
- Payment with Bank Transfer

Bank transfer it must be headed to:

Agency of Marsciano (Perugia)
Account Number : 000401415379
ABI code: 02008
CAB code: 38511
CIN code: H
IBAN code: IT38H0200838511000401415379 

Reason for payment: Customer will have to enter their order’s date and number, which can be retrieved in the order confirmation email (example : “Order 01/01/14 no. 0000001”), and the information of the person who made the order.

-Payment Cash on delivery
This payment method is available only for shipments only within Italy and just for orders not exceeding 100,00 €. Payment shall be made upon receipt of products and can only be made by cash. For cash on delivery, customers are requested to pay a 12,00 € euro shipping contribution.