The prices of the products illustrated on our portal and/or by others forms of selling at distance are inclusive of VAT and of any other tax. The forwarding charges are indicated at the moment of the buying of the products on the base of the Country of destination and in the section “Forwardings and deliveries”. Moreover, in case of telephone selling  the forwarding charges are repeated to the Customer by our operators. The prices of the products can be subject to modifications without notice, but the purchases made will be invoiced on the prices' base en force at the moment of the order's registration, with the reservation of the product's availability.


If, after the sending of the order by the customer, should occur a temporary and unforseen unavailability of any products before indicated as off-the-shelf, LE VIE DEL MADE IN ITALY will propose a different products, but with similar features, with the option for the customer to not accept this new product and to require the issue of a credit note of products not desidered. The Customer could be then require the cancellation or the exchange of the order by email to the address:


Clicking on the button of confirmation at the end of the buying's procedure on-line, the customer declares to accept the transmission of the order as well as the entirety of these general conditions of Selling. The data in possession of the web site LE VIE DEL MADE IN ITALY constitue the proof of the business relationships occurred between LE VIE DEL MADE IN ITALY and its Customers. The data registered by the payment's system constitue the proof of the occurred payments.

Right of recess

Right of recess. The Customer has the right to withdraw from the contract of products' buying, without penalty and without specify the reason, within 10 (ten) working days from the receipt of the merchandise. Under penalty of the validity, the right of recess has to be exercited by the sending – at the geographic base- of a written communication sent by letter A/R (with advice of delivery.) to LEVIEDELMADEINITALY S.R.L., Via dei Mattoni, 14 06055 Marsciano (PG). As an alternative, it's possible to send by within the term a telegram or a fax to the number +39 0758748895, that will have validity , making accrue from this moment the validity, only if confirmed by a letter A/R within 48 hours. In the communication the Customer must indicate the product or the products for which he wants to exercize the right of recess. The goods have to be given back to the dealer within and not up 15 days from the successive communication by the dealer of the permit for the return of the merchandise. The customer will have only the expense relative to the restitution of the purchased products.
The right of recess applies only to the intact products, in condition unaltered and complete of the original packaging at the moment of the restitution and it can't be exercited for these products which can't be sent again because of controlled temperature or because of its nature are quickly perishables and for these products packaged made-to-measure or clearly perzonalized. The consignment  until the receipt of the merchandise at our base is fully under the customer's responsability. At the receipt of the returned good and at the occurred confirmation of its acceptance by e-mail, verified the conditions of the merchandise and the correct compliance of the terms and of the conditions above mentioned, we will provide to reimburse the amount in the shortest time possible (max 30 days).

Right of recess leather goods

The Customer has the right to withdraw from the contract of products' buying, without penalty and without specify the reason, within 10 (ten) working days from the receipt of the merchandise.

In order that the procedure of return of good may be acted, the products have to be sent again as new and unused, in their original packaging, without the seal of guarantee have been removed, with all the relative accessories. It’s also fundamental that on the products there aren’t abrasions, alterations, signs or stains for which it can consider the product was put on or used.
Because of the elevated prices of logistics and re-stocking, is established a contribution of the 20% on the value of the articles given back. In case of exchange for merchandise will be returned back instead the total amount corresponding to the total order.
It isn’t possibile to accept returned goods for products personalized or made – to – measure.

If the customer receives a failed product, he is requested to contact our Customer Services immediately (within 24 hours from delivery) and to provide the order number present in the e-mail of confirmation with own telephone number.
LE VIE DEL MADE IN ITALY commits itself to substitute the product in the shortest time possibile. If it were present an evident damage to the packing at the receipt’s moment of the order it is requested to refuse the delivery and to contact the Customer Services immediately.
It’s possibile to give back the already substitued products within 20 days from the delivery’s date of the original order. It is requested to notice that further returned goods relative to the same order can’t be reimbursed and the choose for the customer will be limited to the only exchange of the merchandise.

Guarantees and Responsibility

LE VIE DEL MADE IN ITALY within the disposal’s limits as above disciplined, guarantees that will be delivered products egual to those indicated and descripted in the web site. It also guarantees the compliance of all rules relative to the preservation of the products until to the delivery’s moment in the place indicated in the order. For all the products sold the Producer’s responsability counts. The Producer is responsible also for the truth and the completeness of the informations reported on the packagings.
The purchase by this web site of wines, liqueures and other alcoholic drinks in accordance with the law it is forbidden to the underage people. In the purchase’s procedure of this web site is required to the Customer the date of birth to determine the age of majority; in case of underage people the purchase’s procedure is automatically forbidden. LE VIE DEL MADE IN ITALY is not responsible for the purchase of products made by underage people drow to a good end for wrong or false informations about the date of birth of the customer. The products and services published in this web site can be contain imprecisions or typographical errors. In particular, and within the limits provided for the law en force, LE VIE DEL MADE IN ITALY isn’t responsible of eventual imprecisions about the informations reported and furnished, largely by the producers themselves.

Customer service

For any requests of informations, please contact our customer service sending an e-mail to the address: or calling the number 075 8742622.


For the disputes pertaining the application, the execution and the interpretation of the contract of the selling at distance is competent the Court wherein the Customer is resident or has its domicile, if placed in the italian territory. For the professional customer is established that for every disputes is competent the Court of Perugia.